This text constitutes the CONTRACT whereby the relationship between regalunic.com (Montserrat Xiqués Hernández, with ID 77614215-W and address Rda. Dr. Anglès, 66 Bis, Esc. A, 3r 3a, 08360-Canet de Mar) will be governed and You (the CUSTOMER), when acquiring products and/or services through the website regalunic.com.

Read it carefully, because it regulates the contracting of products and/or services through the web, the rights and obligations of both parties and the information on the process of the purchase process, among other issues.

You will find a first section regarding the General Conditions and a second for the Particular Conditions.


These Regalunic.com General Contracting Conditions comply with the provisions of the Law on Information Society Services and the rest of current legislation in this area.

These General Conditions are mandatory for both parties. The CUSTOMER will be bound to each and every one of these General Conditions without any reservation when hiring products and/or services through regalunic.com, being their obligation and responsibility to read them previously. If you are not satisfied with the same, do not continue with the hiring process, since such conditions will apply to you in any case.

First.- Customer service and contact of regalunic.com

The CUSTOMER is offered a communication, support and assistance service for the resolution of any doubt about the operation of the website, the process of purchase, design and elaboration or the products and/or services, through the electronic mail info@regalunic.com and of the contact form of the web: www.regalunic.com to which you can access by pressing here.

You can also contact customer service by phone, from Monday to Friday: 9:30 p.m. – 12:00 p.m., phone: 654 142 494. Or via skype at the same time.

Second.- Personal data

In order to access the products and services offered on the regalunic.com website, it is necessary to collect personal data of the user. It is understood that, when completing and sending the form incorporated in the website, the user freely and voluntarily provides their personal data and expressly authorizes and expresses that regalunic.com collects them and deals them with automation since they are necessary to carry Complete the purposes and objectives detailed in the legal notice, the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of hiring.

Regalunic.com states that the personal data provided by the user will be treated in accordance with the regulations in force in the matter and taking into account the requirements of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of Personal data, Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, which approves the regulation of security measures for automated files that contain personal data as well as Law 34/2002 of July 11, of services of the society of the information and the electronic commerce or the normative dispositions that replace to them.

The personal data provided by the users will be treated with absolute confidentiality and will be protected in accordance with the current regulations in the field of personal data, especially those mentioned in the previous section.

By means of the indication, facilitation or introduction of your data, and in accordance with the provisions of article 6 of the LOPD, the user gives his unequivocal consent to regalunic.com to proceed, in accordance with the For the aforementioned purposes, to the processing of the personal data provided. Likewise, this consent extends to the transfer of the data according to and in strict compliance with the powers granted under the applicable legislation.

Access to personal data of users will be carried out by authorized personnel and subject to a secret obligation, and will be treated in accordance with LOPD 15/1999 as well as in accordance with Royal Decree 1702/2007 in its development. These data may not be used in any case for purposes other than those authorized herein.

At any time, the user may exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition and, where appropriate, cancellation by communicating it in writing with an indication of their data in the email admin@regalunic.com.

For more information you can see the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of regalunic.com in the following link.

Thrid.- Entry into force

In accordance with article 23 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, contracts signed electronically will be fully effective and will be provided for the purpose of the Legal order, as long as the consent and other requirements for its validity are present. These contracting conditions are available to all regalentic.com customers in a free and free manner.

Access to the hiring process is completely free, with no additional cost associated, apart from the ones that the client has for their connection to the Internet.

Each and every one of the projects offered is duly described in its budget, whose development will not imply any cost to the customer, and will be provided by email.

It is considered that the purchase takes effect at the moment when the client makes the deposit of the total amount of the project stipulated in the budget, in the account number facilitated in the same. At this moment, it is understood that the follow-up of all the phases of the electronic contracting procedure and the inclusion of all the requested data supposes, together with the final express acceptance of the conditions, a clear and direct manifestation of the will of the final customer to accept the general conditions of contracting.

Regalunic.com, as a service provider, will store in durable support the electronic document in which the contract will be formalized, which the user can access through the attached file that will be provided in the confirmation email that may be printed

The language in which the contracting procedure will be processed and in which the contract will be formalized will be Catalan, Spanish or English according to the language chosen by the user, without prejudice to compliance with the obligations deriving from the regulations in the matter of linguistic policy and of protection of the consumers and the users of the different Spanish autonomous communities.

Fourth.- Process of contracting and realization of the project.

The steps in the process of hiring and carrying out the project are detailed below:

I. Contact taking. Filling out the contact form of regalunic.com will be requested confirmation and acceptance of the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of the licensing conditions of regalunic.com. Next to the acceptance box you will see a link from which you can access the full text of the same. Remember that pressing this button will imply your acceptance, being linked and bound to them.

II. Advice. We listen to your need to know what you would like to give, who and the reason. We have a wide catalog of proposals and suggestions to help you decide on the ideal gift. We also advise you on materials, products, forms of delivery, etc.

III. Design of the project and Budget. Once we have outlined the project, we design it and explain it to you. We give you the budget without obligation, specifying the time and form of preparation, the materials used, the amount and the way of payment, and the delivery time and means of delivery.

IV. Acceptance or rejection of the budget and payment of its amount by bank transfer.

V. Delivery of personal material if applicable. If it is accepted, it will only be necessary for the customer to deliver the material they want to add the experiences, photographs, dedications or any detail that makes the project more attractive. For this reason, fluid communication is sought through telephone, e-mail or skype. Regalunic.com watches over the security and confidentiality of communication and data processing.

VI. Preparation of the gift. During the preparation, it will be kept informed of the process and the delivery period.

VII. Shipping and delivery.

Fifth.- Conditions of the Provisión of Service

1) If the circumstances so require, regalunic.com reserves the right to modify the dates, the project or the materials announced, as well as to decree the suspension of the service.

2) Once the project budget has been accepted, the amount may not be changed or refunded, except for the cancellation of the service, in which case regalunic.com commits to the return of the project amount.

3) Users who hire the service covered by this contract must be natural persons over 18 years of age. No services will be provided to persons under the age of 18 without them being accompanied by persons of legal age.

4) Regalunic.com reserves all the rights to image and intellectual property of the projects.

5) Regalunic.com reserves the right of admission, ensuring at all times the quality of the service and the good intentions of the project.

Sixth.- Rates and method of payment.

The rates of the projects will be expressed in euros and will include the corresponding VAT tax. The price of the project will be known before payment through the writing of a budget and delivery by email. The budget will not entail any processing cost or commitment of acceptance.

The payment will be made by bank transfer to the account number provided in the project budget, indicating the reference assigned in the transfer budget to be able to identify the deposit.

(Keep in mind that transfers between different banks take 48 hours to become effective. Therefore, delivery of the order may be delayed. Delivery times that we give will be applied once the payment has been confirmed.)

The purchase will be effective for regalunic.com once we receive the confirmation of the transfer by the bank. At this moment regalunic.com will notify the client that the payment has been effective and that the project is started.

If the purchase process is interrupted for any reason or if the amount paid does not reach the corresponding amount, regalunic.com will suspend the process by informing the client.

Taking care of the unique and exclusive characteristics of each project and the marked personalized traits, the payment of the total amount of the project is indispensable so that it is begun its elaboration (to see particular conditions).

Seventh. Terms of delivery

Regalunic.com will inform in the drafting of the budget the deadline for the drafting of the project. Depending on their complexity, the volume of demand and the need of the client will ensure a satisfactory period for both parties, prioritizing service quality.

Eighth.- Shipping and delivery

Regalunic assumes the shipping costs and will decide for each project the appropriate form and means to bring the product to the client, taking into account the characteristics, volume and delicacy of the final product.

Ninth.- Invoice

The NIF/CIF or NIE is not included in the data we request for the preparation of the budget. If you want an invoice you can contact the address admin@regalunic.com.

Tenth.- Claims

Regalunic and the user undertake to try to resolve amicably any disagreement that may arise in the development of this Agreement, prior to going to the considered jurisdiction.

Disposal of claim forms: In the event that both parties do not reach an agreement, regalunic.com will make available the official forms of claim or by clicking on this link or, if you so request in the email admin@regalunic.

Consumer mediation: In accordance with article 2 of Decree 98/2014 of July 8, on the mediation procedure in consumer relations, consumer mediation is a voluntary procedure for the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts through which the Consumers and businesspeople promote a consensual solution to a conflict, with the intervention of a mediated mediator who acts in an unbiased, expert and neutral manner.

Article 132-2 of Law 22/2010 of July 20 of the Consumer Code of Catalonia and Decree 98/2014 of July 8 on the procedure of mediation in consumer relations (arts 5 to 10) establish that the principles of mediation are voluntary, impartiality, confidentiality and good faith, universality, territoriality and transparency.

Regalunic.com in accordance with the principle of voluntary and good faith, and in the event of a conflict between the parties, it would be recommended for mediation.

Adhesion to Consumer Arbitration Board: The adhesion of regalunic.com to the arbitration system of consumption is a sign of commitment and a guarantee of added quality of its products and services towards the clients. Adherence is made clear through an official sign of adhesion.

Eleventh. Register of distance sales

Regalunic.com is in the Registry of distance sales to reinforce the quality of the service and the trust of the clients. It has a certificate attesting to such registration.

Twelth.- After-sale service

Regalunic has a repair, extension, adaptation and complementation service for its products. To access this service, you must contact the workshop by filling out the contact form on the web www.regalunic.com, sending email to info@regalunic.com or by calling from Monday to Friday from 9:30 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. at: 658 142 494.

Thirteenth.- Responsabilities

It is the obligation that the contents, data or information regarding the projects offered on the web regalunic.com are reliable, true and accurate. Regalunic is responsible for the prices and the characteristics advertised.

All the products offered have legally recognized terms of guarantee. The parties undertake to fulfill their legal and contractual obligations generated under this agreement. If a party does not fulfill any of its obligations or intends to impede its compliance, that part will generate the right of the other to claim compensation for damages, both for emerging damage and for the loss of profits according to current legislation.

In case of unavailability of the product or the impossibility of delivery due to force majeure, for theft or for loss of the data provided by the client, regalunic.com will not be responsible.

Regalunic.com will put all the commercial and technical efforts at its disposal to keep its services available through the website. However, this obligation will not apply for any lack of availability or performance that is caused by:

Temporary inactivity of the website due to the update and / or technical maintenance.

Causes beyond the control of regalunic.com as a major force, problems of access to the Internet, technological problems beyond the diligent and reasonable management of the owner of the website, actions or omissions of third parties, etc.

Whenever the cases referred to are unrelated to the control and diligence of the owner, there will be no compensation for the client for loss of profits, damages or damages. In the event of the closure or suspension of the website due to reasons beyond the control of the parties, the client will be promptly informed of the transfer of the service to a new domain, with the sole modification of the stipulations of this agreement, for which reason refers to the domain in which the platform remains active.

Fourteenth.- Authorization

If this budget is accepted, the client authorizes, to be able to mention and show on his website the project carried out.

The customer agrees that his image may be recorded or reproduced during the process of drawing up the project to ensure the truthfulness and totality of its content or when it ends for commercial or promotional purposes of regalunic.com.

Fifteenth.- Modifications

Regalunic.com reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, these Terms and Conditions to adapt them to the legislative or jurisprudential novelties as well as to the modifications or practices of the economy or the sector, while continuing to take into account the legitimate interests of users at all times. All this without prejudice to the non-affecting of the changes to the contracts already subscribed, because the price and the conditions that were established at the moment in which You made the order will always be respected and applied.

The user must periodically check these conditions, terms and policies in order to verify or make sure if they have been modified or changed since the last update.

Sixteenth.- Applicable regulation

The provision of regalunic.com services through its web page will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the Terms and General and Specific Conditions established for such purposes. Likewise, the contract not provided in the field of interpretation, validity and execution will be followed, in accordance with the Spanish regulations in force and applicable in this matter, with special attention to the regulations of protection of consumers and users.

Seventeenth.- Competent Courts

Both parts are governed by the laws of Spain and are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.


The products and/or services that regalunic.com offers to the users contain Particular Conditions of Contracting, for their particular characteristics, being an exclusive and completely personalized product, that complement the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully. If you want to request our services it will imply that the user has read and accepted this specific conditions previously.

2.1. Payment

Once the client approves the design and budget of the project, it is indispensable for the process to start, that the client make in advance the payment of the total amount through bank transfer to the indicated account number in the budget issued by regalunic.com, within a specific time frame agreed by both parties, in order not to interfere with the established delivery date.

Regalunic will start the drafting of the project as soon as it has the proof of payment of the amount of the project by the bank.

2.2. Changes and modifications

No changes will be made in the design of the project or in the preparation, nor will the amount paid by the client be returned once the project development phase has begun, when it will be communicated to the client, following an action protocol, through E-mail, or in the default phone call.

Only in case the customer assumes the cost to establish the desired project changes and accepts the modification and/or delay of the delivery date. Regalunic will agree to modify, if it is possible, or restart the drafting of the project.

There will be no changes in products or returns of money nor will the right to withdrawal be exercisable, in accordance with the exception stipulated in the current regulations regulating consumption with regard to the supply of goods made in accordance with the specifications made by the consumer or clearly personalized.

2.3. Data provided by the client

It is the responsibility of the client to provide material of personal character (photographs, objects, memories, anecdotes and all that material that enriches the project) in time for the production and that this material is understandable and correct. In case all or part of this material arrives out of time, the workshop reserves the right to delay the delivery of the product or not add it to the project.

In the event that any of the data provided by the client to prepare the project was incorrect, the workshop will not be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the material affected, and it will not guarantee the delivery of the product on the agreed date.

The workshop will only be responsible for the defects in its production or material defects. You will not be responsible for those caused by your improper use, accident, old age, manipulation, or any other action outside the workshop. In such a case, it will be possible to assess offering a repair and maintenance service.