the projects of regalunic.

we offer integral, personalized and esclusive projects.

As it’s explained in the section Services, Regalunic prepares integral projects, gift and delivery. It deals with everything, from his idea, to the taste and the complicity of the client, to the preparation of his delivery to the recipient by part-time attendants.

Each project is exclusive, starting from scratch, and it is based on the needs and whishes of the client. It is done in an artisan way and solely for the person you will pay tribute. Regalunic’s project adapts itself in techniques and material, in age and occasion and in budget. It is also personalized with graphic material, text, objects, memories, etc.

It is an ideal product for family reunions, groups of friends, co-workers, etc. where you want to celebrate a special event (wedding, anniversary, birth, marriage, graduation, communion, majority of age, traditional celebration …). It is designed for any special occasion or important event that requires an exclusive and emotional gift.

What aspects do we work on in a project?

In the workshop, we consider that the gift is as important as the delivery method, it is what, how and why. For that we divide a project into two aspects: the gift, which we call it morxic, and the delivery we call celbric. We work them both with dedication. Like this:

– Morxic: It consists in the idea and creation of the gift. The objective is to obtain an exclusive, detailed, quality, artisanal, unique and personalized product and the most important that is appreciated by the recipient.

– Celbric: It is the dress of the moment or ceremony of delivery of the gift. Time is structured and prepares gift delivery in an original, participatory and fun way. The goal is to create an atmosphere, to share a good time, to act as a loved one, to encourage participation, to provide an experience, turning the delivery into an unforgettable moment by all attendees, increasing the intensity of the experience and trying to make the gift become a source of good memories.   

The client can choose either of the two aspects or both at the same time. That is, whether you only want a personalized handmade piece, or if you only want to prepare a delivery for a gift already purchased, or finally if what is required is an integral product.

the essential tool in a  project.

In order to be able to reach the expected result, a fundamental tool is the complicity with the client. He is the source of the information necessary to start the project and who will provide the emotional material. He becomes an indispensable collaborator. Without complicity, we could not make the project to the recipient’s taste or customize it.

Therefore, an effort is made to facilitate communication and guarantee the confidentiality, both of communication with the client, as well as the material used and the resulting product.

For example, what and How?

At this point, we want to specify what and how, to make the work of the workshop more understandable. The list of proposals has no end, and a few examples of gift and delivery are listed below:


... albums, memory books, personalized notebooks, wedding signbooks, kit stories, greeting cards, scrapbooks, …

… portraits, paintings, mix-media murals, photographic mosaics, signboards, custom decorative objects (letters, commemorative paintings, boxes, jewelers, mobiles, vases, candles, furniture, etc.), …

… Prom-picture, Graduation class photo, diplomas, family trees, calendars, newspaper-magazine, puzzles, …

… time capsules, dream jigs, themed boxes (get well soon, chee up, youth, anniversary, farewell party, best friend, graduation, birth, pajama party, etc.), …

… personalized costumes, cook baggage (apron, hat and ladle), t-shirts, bags, …

… organization and presentation of collections, …

delivery: celebration kit, bag with party material and personalized accessories, booklets, lucky games, surprise bags, photo-call set, good morning balloons, etc.

You can take a look at part of our work in the blog. For more information or any doubt, please contact the workshop.


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