what do we do in regalunic?

One of the services that Regalunic offers is to design and produce a unique gift, the gift that is necessary when wanting to make a special gift or when  you want to endow it with an emotional value. This is the origin of the workshop, the explanation of his name and the nuclear motive of his company.

An exclusive and evocative product is made so that it becomes a small treasure for the person who receives it, made exclusively for it. It is entirely conceived to the taste, necessity and desire of the client and adapts itself in techniques, materials and budget.

how is regalunic’s product?

Each project starts from scratch and it is made with the client’s complicity. The product is diverse and have infinite possibilities of gifts, materials and artistic techniques, it is versatile according to the occasion and adaptable to a budget.

Our wish is to do it:


– exclusive: The project is designed for each client and for that particular event. That is, it is created only for that person and is done thinking about the type of celebration.

– unique: There is no other in the market. It is done in a crafted way, customized and made following the instructions of the client.

– personalized: It is customized with initials, names, memories, images, memories, experiences, personal stories, etc. Colors, styles, shapes, etc. are to the liking of the client.

– detailedThere is a careful work, very finished product and all the aspects that collaborate in the success of the project are taken into account.

– quality: In the workshop we use good, safe and sustainable materials. We seek to apply a purified technique and we have collaborators specialits in different techniques.

how does Regalunic work?

1. Contact making: In Regalunic we listen to your need and want to know what you would like to give, who and the reason. We have a wide catalog of proposals and suggestions to help you decide on the ideal gift. We also advise you on materials, products, forms of delivery, etc.

2. Design of the project and budg: Once we have outlined the project, we design it and explain it to you. We give you the budget without commitment.

3. Delivery of personal material: In case of being accepted, we will only need the most important, your complicity to add the experiences, photographs, dedications or any detail that makes the project more attractive. For this reason, we seek a smooth communication through telephone, e-mail or skype. We guarantee the security and confidentiality of the communication and the treatment of data.

4. Gift making: It is then that the elaboration begins. We keep you informed of the process and the delivery date.

5. Shipping and delivery: We are looking for a safe shipment and a timely delivery.

Why regalunic’s product is different? gift and delivery


We not only prepare the gift, we can also prepare the delivery. The way to give away a gift is important and Regalunic help you to do it in the way you choose (original, fun, romantic, participatory… and always for remember!).

The kits, the coffers and the sacks are examples of a product designed by the recipient and for a specific occasion, with participatory material and hadmade gifts for those attending the party and with a celebration guideline. 

another services of Regalunic.

· After-sales service. We make arrangements, extensions or complementations and conservation. This service will only be offered for products made in the workshop.

· Organization and impartition of artistic techniques training workshops.

·  Window dressing service. Regalunic designs and suplies the material, and mounts and places, too.


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