We make Regalunic portraits either using traditional techniques or using a digital medium. The first option would be, for example, a charcoal portrait on a high-weight drawing sheet, on canvas with oil paintings, watercolor pencils, and also acrylics on different surfaces. So to carry out the project we only need his complicity and an image from which we draw the portrait.

In the second option, we use a digital medium to make montages or mosaics of images that make up the portrait. The result has a more current twist. Many images are then required to make the final figure. For this type of gift we have the collaboration of Jordi Dulsat photographer, professional in the sector.

In both cases, Regalunic is looking for a way to hold back a moment so that it can be given away in the form of a painting or mural.



Regalunic’s portraits are meticulous and elaborate projects that require their time. For each style and technique we use the appropriate material and tools: pencils of different numbering and fading for blurring, quality oils, canvases of different sizes and formats, etc. Finally, the binding is done to the taste of the client.

Give a moment fixed in the memory and turn it into a corner of the home. If you are interested in a project like this and want to give away an emotion do not hesitate to ask us here.




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