The portrait of Grandmother Maria in the form of a photographic mosaic is the fantastic gift for her 75th anniversary.

When we grow older we have everything. The ideas are over and what makes you most excited is something related to yours. The portrait becomes an appreciated record, a decorative object and a good atmosphere for a long time.

While it can be seen smiling, you can also see more than a thousand happy moments of the family over the last few years. The dimensions of the mural are important and makes the result spectacular.

Making the photographic mosaic

Drawing up of the mural requires first of a special collaboration with the client because it is necessary to make a large number of photographs to make the composition.

Then there is a thorough work to do the treatment of the images to optimize framing, composition and style. Once selected and prepared, the photos are applied to a specific software to create the picture using all the images.

Finally, you have to make an impression of considerable dimensions and a framing of the best quality for the size and style of the portrait.

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