custom decorative objects

Personalized decorative objects are a sign of the desire to make an exclusive, handmade and personalized gift. Examples are a personalized hanger with a hand-painted address, a box with an important date, a frame with the name, a glass vase with the initials, a charcoal portrait, and so on. What better way to know where you are, to feel at home, to decorate with an emotional memory.

From what the client wants and explains to us, a unique project is created in the workshop, following their instructions and adapting to their budget. If you want this to be your case, tell us about your project, or ask us for more information by clicking here. We will be happy to assist you. You can also see our projects or contact us via our instagram.



As we said at the beginning, we first want to know what he would like to give away, how it should be, for whom it should be and for what reason it will be given. First a sketch is prepared taking into account everything the client wants and expects from the project. Then you choose the material, the tools and everything you need to get started. Finally it is completely customized and decorated and packaged. The client is involved throughout the process and so can see, contribute and value in the evolution.






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