A decorative letter, what a good idea! La Jana becomes big and it is difficult to give her a gift that she can like. What could be given to you think your little ones … How difficult is to guess.

Regalunic proposes a letter, the initial of his name, but not one that can be purchased at any craft store and then decorated. It’s designed exclusively for her, tailor made, and personalized with a collage images of Jana since her birth. It becomes a personalized decorative object for her room that brings her many memories and makes her smile.

making the decorative letter

The most important thing in this project is to make the selection and preparation of the photos that will be in the letter. A collaborative, fun and emotional task.

Then you have to design the letter and make the skeleton. In this case the initial one has been chosen but the possibilities are infintes (the initial large one and the small name, the three initials, the whole name of the same size, etc.).

Then the skeleton is dressed in maixé paper and the shape is improved by making several layers of plaster. It is polished and the collage is started by incorporating the images chosen and adapted with the technique of decoupage. Finally, a layer of protective varnish is made and decorated with silver strass stones.

And finally, as a gift accessory, the letter is presented with a cover with handles, made of white, gray and black felt, and with the name decorated with silver sequins.

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