Personalized birthday candle to make an original gift. A decorative souvenir that has a very definite utility but will almost never be used for this reason. In many cases these candles are meant to be kept whole by the memory they represent.

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Making the personalized anniversary candle.


Before applying the personalization to the candle that has been chosen for this celebration, you must make the design of the inscription. Once it’s done, it’s going to be printed on silk paper.

Then the application is done by thermo-fusion. Finally, it is decorated to the customer’s taste, in this case it is used sackcloth, crochet tape, and acrylic paste in glossy glitter finish in silver and bronze colors. It is placed on transparent glass and wrapped in clear transparent paper.

Knowing the idea and preferences of the client, we make a composition in the candle that meets the desired characteristics (color, dimensions, shape, etc.).


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