the values of Regalunic, the workshop of the personalized gift.

The values that govern the work done in the workshop arise from the passion for this company project and the conviction that they are the essential foundation for a successful career.

Empathy and confidentiality: a commitment to create a trusted environment by seeking a close and confidential treatment with the client in order to shape the project, know how to understand what is wanted and obtain the expected result.

Exclusivity and personalization of the product: guarantee of being a unique project.

Quality: the workshop will prioritize the quality towards the material cost or the time of accomplishment.

Honesty: presentation of a work with a high standard of exigency. In Regalunic you will find detailed and understandable advice.

Rigorousness: work with proven documentation and rigorous and faithful information to give credibility to the project .

Commitment: with the will of the client in the choice and combination of materials regarding the criterion or the style of the workshop.

Respect for the Environment: use of acid free material (less polluting and more durable), reuse of recycled material (owers, newspapers and magazines, cork stoppers, plastic stoppers, cardboard, cans, boxes, leftover material of other projects, etc.) and introduction of natural material (shells, branches, leaves, pineapples, river stones, etc.).

the purposes of regalunic, the workshop of the personalized gift.

Give meaning and value to the gift for its evocative and personalized character. At the same time, try to obtain a good record from all the participants in the celebration (client, honoree and all those attending the event).

Convert the client as a collaborator of the project.

Ensure a product of excellence that loyalty the client and do that he explains a good concept of it to another people. Let the client think of it as “a gift that is needed”.

Provide pedagogical content for children’s projects.

Encourage tradition and culture, recovering or making a personalized version of legends, stories, games and customs.




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