Origin of Regalunic, the workshop of the personalized gift.

The adventure of Regalunic, the Workshop of the Personalized Gift, begins on 2015 in Canet de Mar, a beautiful town of El Maresme, near of Barcelona, bathed by the Mediterranean, surrounded by wood and impregnated with modernism.

Regalunic is born of passion for designing customized projects and seeing the necessity and tendency in the market of an exclusive, artisanal, quality and feeling gift.

who are we in regalunic?

My name is Montse, I am responsible for this wonderful workshop, full of ideas and with a great desire of collaborate on one of your special days. Who knows me enough sees me as a creative person, perfectionist, capable of assuming new challenges, ingenious, serene and with a global vision.

The world of art, design, decoration, fashion, and everything that means an artistic expression is my passion. I enjoy drawing, painting, sewing, embroidering, doing scrapbook, macrame, papel maixé, decoupage, pyrography, engraving, lettering, … The hours seem to fly between brushes and paintings, tools and materials, learning new techniques, composing photographic mosaics, treating and retouching images, preparing surprises and original deliveries.

I have always worked in direct contact with the client, understanding his need, which has provided me with an essential experience to project his desire. Mine is that this exciting adventure never ends!

I am passionate about developing projects that are so rewarding as the emotion of the person who will receive it. This has taken me to Regalunic, pursuing a dream that is gradually becoming true.

collaborations by expert professionals in various fields.

When required by the project the workshop has external trusted collaborators from various professional areas (printing, binding, photography, image software, etc.). This ensures a professional and quality finish.

We listen to you and we advise you, we adapt and we propose you. We create the custom-made gift and give it sense.


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