Communion: albums and signature books.

A splendid Communion season!

The season of Communions begins! Thanks in advance to everyone for the trust in the workshop. It is always a pleasure to share the excitement and surprise with everyone.

All albums and signature books are made with the client’s taste and budget in mind. Each job adapts to these conditions.

They are completely customized projects, which start knowing and taking into account all the indications and preferences of the client.

The dimensions, the number of pages according to the number of guests, the colors, the materials, the structures, the type of binding, etc. With all the personalization details, even taking into account the date, place and time of the ceremony, the hobbies or sports practiced, the number of the team’s shirt or the representative flower of a city that means a lot.

We can make accessories such as personalized Communion boxes, the indicator poster to leave a message in the signature book, handmade reminders, personalized bookmarks, cards to write anecdotes of the day, place locators on the tables, and any detail that helps make this day more special and allows you to remember every moment over the years.

Hopefully you entrust us with your project. Tell us what you would like, need or how it should be and the workshop will be happy to assist you. Contact us here.