personalized treasure chest

The personalized treasure chest is ideal as a gift for someone very special and for an important occasion. At Regalunic we offer an exclusive design for your personalized box, adapting to your taste and budget.

Tell us how you would like it to be: the theme, the colors, the size, the shape, the name and everything you would like it to have. And above all to know the motivation: to store toys, souvenirs, letters, photos, objects and everything that has meaning. If you want more information or are interested in a proposal for your project tell us your idea here.


Then, starting from all this, we make a composition, and the project takes shape. We will put the name, your favorite color, if you want a dedication or reminder date, a message, getting a detailed customization. To complete the gift we put a surprise related to the reason for the celebration.



Before we begin, we show a proposal to the client, adjusting to their preferences and from which the project begins to take shape. As we explained before the motif, the finish, the theme, the colors, the materials and the decoration is done according to your taste.

We use multiple techniques: painting, drawing, pyrography, printing, decoupage, sewing, etc. and also many materials and decorative elements: pompoms, tassels, wooden figurines, buttons, sequins, bow, fabric, pearl, etc.

We involve him in the evolution of the project and we care to know his opinion in each phase. The implementation time depends on the volume of the project but it is approximately ten days.

You can also see more related projects where you can do in the Regalunic Custom boxes section or on our Instagram.




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