Regalunic’s personalized albums are made with the Scrapbooking technique and respond to different themes and styles and with all kinds of motivations.

We make it a birth, from the first year, for birthdays, celebrations such as a baptism, the first Communion or a wedding. Also from a trip, a graduation, a pregnancy, etc. That is, we make the album tailor-made and customized, adjusting to your preferences and budget.

If you are interested in telling us about your project or have more information we will be happy to assist you. That’s why you need to fill in our contact form.


They are made with different structures (flaps, pockets, dividers, envelopes, simple and mobile “waterfall”, elevator, etc.) and types of scaffolding (spine, accordion, folder, envelopes, etc.). Also with different capabilities in number and size of photographs.

As for the closure we can put various systems: magnets, tapes, adherent veins, clamps, metal fences, automatic pressures, etc. The covers are hardcover for those with more capacity or thin cover type cardboard for drop-down or folder type.

To line and decorate, we use hundreds of papers decorated with different plots and motifs (floral, geometric, children’s, vintage, etc.); of smooth or textured surface; with glossy or matte finishes; with or without glitter; cardboard, tissue paper and vegetable.

We use a lot of decorative elements (ribbons, cords, buttons, wooden objects, sequins, stones, pearls, rhinestones, colored staples, etc.). And they apply stamps, watercolors, brush-tip markers, cut-outs, thread, stickers, letters, canvas and much more.

You can also view, purchase and order our custom album projects at Llibreria Gelabert.




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