The adventure of Regalunic, the Personalized Gift Workshop, begins in 2015 in Canet de Mar, a beautiful Maresme town bathed by the Mediterranean, surrounded by forest and imbued with modernism.

Regalunic was born from the passion to design personalized projects and see the need and trend in the market for an exclusive, handmade, quality and sentimental gift.

If you need to make a special, emotional, detailed and bespoke gift, contact the workshop. We listen to your need and make a sketch. We make it real and give it the desired value.

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1. Empathy and confidentiality: commitment to create an environment of trust while seeking a close and confidential relationship with the client in order to outline the project, know how to understand what is wanted and obtain the expected result. 2. Exclusivity and product customization: guarantee of being a unique project. 3. Quality: the workshop will prioritize quality over material cost or lead time. 4. Honesty: presenting a job with a high standard of demand. Seek detailed and understandable advice. 5. Rigor: work with proven documentation and rigorous and faithful information to give credibility to the project. 6. Commitment: with the client’s will in the choice and combination of materials towards the criteria or style of the workshop. 7. Respect for the Environment: use of acid-free material (less polluting and more durable), reuse of recycled material (eggs, newspapers, corks, cardboard, jars, boxes, leftover material from other projects, etc.) and introduction of natural material (shells, branches, leaves, pineapples, river stones, etc.).


1. Give meaning and value to the gift for its evocative and personalized character. At the same time seek a good memory from all participants in the celebration (client, honoree and attendees). 2. Turn the client into a collaborator of the project. 3. Ensure a product of excellence that builds customer loyalty and explains a good concept to their environment (word of mouth). Let the customer think of it as "a necessary gift". 4. Provide pedagogical content for children's projects. 5. To promote Catalan tradition and culture, using Catalan, recovering or making a version of legends, stories, games and customs.



I am in charge of this wonderful workshop, full of ideas and eager to collaborate on one of your special days. Anyone who knows me well enough sees me as a creative, perfectionist person, able to take on new challenges, ingenious, serene and with a global vision. The world of art, design, decoration, fashion, and everything that means artistic expression is my passion. I miss the hours of the day between brushes and paintings, tools and materials, learning new techniques, composing photographic mosaics, processing and retouching images, preparing surprises and original deliveries. I have always worked in direct contact with the client, understanding their need, which has given me an essential experience to be able to project your desire. Mine is that this exciting adventure will never end!

WHY regalunic


The Workshop adapts to the client's idea, needs, tastes and budget.

8 years of experience

Since 2005 we have developed hundreds of custom projects using Scrapbooking and other techniques.

Commitment and complicity

Commitment to quality, exclusivity and detail. Complicity with the will of each client and the personalization of each project.

our adress

Canet de Mar, CP: 08360, Barcelona.